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Travis Browne fights Fabricio Werdum to determine the #1 heavyweight contender at UFC on FOX 11! Plus Miesha Tate battles Liz Carmouche and more! Check out the full roundtable for all the details and join 411 for LIVE coverage of the event Saturday night!
TOP 50 DC SUPERHEROES (#50 - 41)
From Power Girl and Adam Strange to Steel, Black Canary, Starfire and more, 411's Shawn S. Lealos begins his countdown of the Top 50 DC Comics superheroes of all time with #50 through 41!
From "Little Red Corvette" and "1999" to "Purple Rain," "Let's Go Crazy" and more, 411's Jeremy Thomas counts down the top 8 Prince singles of all-time!
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
Set between Episode III and IV...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
The cheerleader may not need saving this time...
(04.19.2014) - AJ Grey
Another hot model selfie...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
From a previous incident in 1998...
(04.19.2014) - AJ Grey
See Valeria Lukyanova au naturale...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Stewart talks about the future...
(04.19.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
An Oscar-nominated director is working on a film about it...
(04.19.2014) - AJ Grey
Check out Carla's big rack and flat tummy...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
Check out the lineup...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus Daniel Bryan posts a photo from his honeymoon...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
By a lot...
(04.19.2014) - Andrew Shillinglaw
Titus O'Neil went toe to toe with the Intercontinental Champion, 3MB did battle with Los Matadores, and more! Check out 411's complete WWE Superstars report for all the details...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus an update on a returning Knockout...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
WWE almost finished...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Willow weighs in on the holiday-themed match-up...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
And not temporary jobs..
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
The first quarter of the year is up...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
"Dreams really do come true!"
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Due to cancelled or unpaid tickets...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Check out Prince's newest song...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Brown still in jail for the holiday before his trial…
(04.19.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
It's on hold...
(04.19.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
It was released Friday without fanfare...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
The game is now available…
(04.19.2014) - Sean Garmer
From Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Final Fantasy 7 to Resident Evil, Tekken 3 and more, the 411 staff counts down their top 5 Playstation 1 games!
(04.19.2014) - Gavin Napier
Out of the Park Developments is the king of baseball sims, and they're back with the latest entry! How does the newest version stack up the the classics of years past and is it accessible to newcomers? 411's Gavin Napier checks in with his full review!
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
The sequel to the "splash hit"...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
Featuring a look at the gameplay...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out the cinematic trailer for the game...
(04.18.2014) - Marc Morrison
411mania’s Marc Morrison explores the 4X world of Ardania in this sequel to an underappreciated game. See what he thinks of the sequel inside!
(04.17.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Activision is revising their release plans…
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
He just has to beat Donald Cerrone...
(04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
He pointed out a problem...
(04.19.2014) - Robert Winfree
411 has you covered…
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
UFC makes their Orlando debut…
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
The UFC gave him their blessing...
(04.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
He doesn’t plan on returning to the UFC…
(04.19.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Including two tournament finals...
(04.19.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Douglas Lima, Karl Ammoussou and more win...

Top 50 DC Comic Superheroes: #50-41

Top 8 Prince Singles

Carla Howe's Red Bikini Selfie

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