// Top 50 DC Comics Superheroes (#50 - 41)
// Wu-Tang Clan Deny Association With Rapper That Cut Off His Own Penis
// More on Referee Not Knowing Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar Finish
// Dana White Says Ronda Rousey is His New Chuck Liddell
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Johnny Depp's mind is downloaded into a computer in the new movie Transcendence! Is this a bold new sci-fi vision or a disappointment? 411's Jeffrey Harris checks in with his full review!
Is Stephen Colbert a good choice to replace David Letterman? Are we interested in a standalone Mystique movie? 411's Jeremy Thomas and Steve Gustafson debate this and more!
The latest season of the Ultimate Fighter debuted this week featuring Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn to little fanfare! 411’s Jack McGee looks at the status of the show, and why people just don’t care anymore…
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Early next year...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
He was making X-Men...
(04.18.2014) - AJ Grey
Making use of the handbra...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
Would he be a good Bond villain?
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
And you thought one Man-Bat was bad...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
Involving sheep...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
Based on the Broadway musical...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
It did well...
(04.18.2014) - Larry Csonka
Batista battled Sheamus in the main event, Triple H announced that Evolution will face the Shield at Extreme Rules and more! Check out 411’s full WWE Smackdown report for all the details!
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out a bit of Punk in Maron...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
See what went down on the overseas house show...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
More matches set for the show...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
See the Hardys cut a promo for it...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Featuring some big-name Mexican stars...
(04.18.2014) - Greg De Marco
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar is one of a few remaining dream matches that could happen in the WWE. 411’s Greg DeMarco looks at the possibility of the match, and why Brock Lensar would be the ideal opponent for Steve Austin’s “one more match.”
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Jarrett is doing work for the promotion in the Big Apple...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
They're getting their dad's diary back...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Due to Christina's pregnancy...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
She was twenty-four...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
But it's still kind of awesome...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus a reissue of Purple Rain and more...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
They said he has nothing to do with them...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
She has a higher bar than them...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
It could even start today...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
The sequel to the "splash hit"...
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
Featuring a look at the gameplay...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out the cinematic trailer for the game...
(04.18.2014) - Marc Morrison
411mania’s Marc Morrison explores the 4X world of Ardania in this sequel to an underappreciated game. See what he thinks of the sequel inside!
(04.17.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Activision is revising their release plans…
(04.17.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Get a look at the game’s lo-fi sci-fi…
(04.17.2014) - Daniel Anderson
Are we worried about the "pre-sequel" for Borderlands? Would we have liked to see a Darth Maul solo game? Are we surprised Watch Dogs is still coming out on the Wii U? 411’s Stephen Randle and Todd Vote debate these topics and more!
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Getting the frame right was very important…
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
He's a former FBI agent and a boxing judge...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
And Davis responds...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
He doesn't want to have just one or two big fights...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Find out who won their fights...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
A big bout set for the PPV...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Did everyone make weight?
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
They helped him out financially...
(04.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
The rematch is set for the show...

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