// Robin Williams Set for Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel
// Top 10 1980s Madonna Songs
// WWE Looks to Reinvest in The Intercontinental Title – Why You Shouldn't Be Excited
// 411's The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale Report 4.16.14
// New Images From Batman: Arkham Knight Released

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New Line has registered a new domain related to the Hobbit franchise! Are they going to rename the film? Check out the full article for all the details!
X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy. Check out the full article for all the details...
The team searches for answers while Garrett and Ward look to dismantle what's left of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Will Coulson find what he's looking for? 411's Wyatt Beougher checks in with his review of "Providence!"
(04.17.2014) - AJ Grey
Check out Jen's hot curves...
(04.17.2014) - Mike Gorman
From Iago in Aladdin to Hooch in Turner and Hooch, Toto in The Wizard of Oz to Donkey in The Shrek Films, this week's Ten Deep examines the cinematic phenomena of animal sidekicks.
(04.17.2014) - Steve Gustafson
411's Steve Gustafson sits down with Playboy's Miss April, Shanice Jordyn! She talks about being the newest Playmate, her photo shoot, and what's next in her career! All this and more inside!
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
They're all going to laugh at you!
(04.16.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Bryan Singer sued in Hawaii...
(04.16.2014) - Wyatt Beougher
The team searches for answers while Garrett and Ward look to dismantle what's left of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Will Coulson find what he's looking for? 411's Wyatt Beougher checks in with his review of "Providence!"
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Are they going to rename the third film?
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Washington reteams with his Training Day director…
(04.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
When will we see him again?
(04.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
The WWE Network launch pushed them up...
(04.17.2014) - Jack McGee
WWE started a tournament on Raw to crown a new #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title. Are they finally serious about reinvesting in the title, or are they just fooling us once again? 411’s Jack McGee takes a look!
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
Is the Undertaker done as an in-ring talent? Was Eric Young’s TNA Title win a cheap knockoff of Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania 30 moment? Are we interested in Global Force Wrestling? 411's Daniel Clark, Nick Sellers and Koeddy Laemmle debate these topics and more!
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
What’s on tap for the show?
(04.17.2014) - Ronny Sarnecky
Every year since 1985, the biggest story in late March-early April happens to be the fallout from WrestleMania. With the 30th WrestleMania taking place on April 6th, that trend seemed destined to continue. Unfortunately, two days after WrestleMania XXX, the Ultimate Warrior shockingly passed away. All of the attention by the middle part of the week shifted to the Ultimate Warrior, and rightfully so. Following it’s huge look back last week at the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior, The Piledriver Report now examines last week’s WrestleMania extravaganza.
(04.16.2014) - Stephen Randle
411's Stephen Randle talks about hot wrestling news in the latest podcast!
(04.16.2014) - Andrew Shillinglaw
This week, the WWE network presents Warrior Week Tonight, we get a special Ultimate Warrior edition of Wrestlemania Rewind! Join us as we see the story behind The Ultimate Challenge at Wrestlemania VI!
(04.17.2014) - Sean Walker
From "Like a Prayer" and "Papa Don't Preach" to "Like a Virgin," "Oh Father" and more, 411's Sean Walker counts down the top 10 Madonna songs of the 1980s!
(04.16.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
The antibiotic was supposed to treat it...
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
And Dr. Dre surpasses Jay-Z…
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Boosted by Easter Sunday sales…
(04.16.2014) - Jeff Modzelewski
The original demo version of the song…
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Regarding comments he made in Rolling Stone…
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Estate of Jimmy Smith says Drake never asked for permission to use the clip…
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Fest will be held in Los Angeles and Philadelphia…
(04.17.2014) - Daniel Anderson
Are we worried about the "pre-sequel" for Borderlands? Would we have liked to see a Darth Maul solo game? Are we surprised Watch Dogs is still coming out on the Wii U? 411’s Stephen Randle and Todd Vote debate these topics and more!
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Getting the frame right was very important…
(04.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Steve Fukuda addresses issues in new blog post…
(04.16.2014) - Joseph Lee
The game arrives this October...
(04.16.2014) - Stephen Randle
Are we interested in Civilization: Beyond Earth? Is it a good idea for Dragon Age: Inquisition not to offer new characters as DLC? Why is there a big delay between the 3DS and Wii U releases of Smash Bros? The 411 staff debates these topics and more!
(04.15.2014) - Joseph Lee
It's out now...
(04.15.2014) - Joseph Lee
He'll voice a drill instructor...
(04.15.2014) - Marc Morrison
411mania’s Marc Morrison takes a look at eight more pinball machines. From Road Show to Pinbot, High Speed and more, see the full list inside!
(04.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
He's getting an x-ray today...
(04.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
How did the show do?
(04.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus K.J. Noons and Ryan Jimmo...
(04.17.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
From the matchmaking of Tito Ortiz vs. Alexander Shlemenko to Roy Nelson putting Big Nog to sleep and more, 411's Jeffrey Harris breaks down the Right, the wRong, and the Ridiculous for UFC Fight Night 39 and Bellator 116!
(04.17.2014) - Wyatt Beougher
Is Roy Nelson unrealistic in asking for a title shot? Will the winner of the potential Nick Diaz/Hector Lombard fight earn a title shot? 411's Jeremy Lambert, Dustin James and a special guest debate these topics and more!
(04.16.2014) - Jack McGee
Michael Bisping lost his latest big fight at the Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale event. 411’s Jack McGee discusses Bisping choking in the big fights, and his place in the UFC…
(04.16.2014) - Robert Winfree
Tim Kennedy defeated Michael Bisping by unanimous decision, Patrick Cote defeated Kyle Noke by unanimous decision, the two winners of The Ultimate Fighter: Nations were crowned and more! Check out 411's full TUF: Nations Finale report for all the details!
(04.16.2014) - Robert Winfree
411 has you covered…

S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep. 18 Review

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